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  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

The Hypnotic has been around since the beginning of the 4-strand revolution and continues to shine bright. Kycen Winn hit a huge lick heeling with this rope. Not only did he split $40,000 in the 2018 #14 Super Qualifier, but he also won the WSTR #13 Finale in Vegas pocketing over $137,000. Cade Passig won the 2018 BFI heeling with this rope too!

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

Bigger is better when it comes to the Swagger. This rope is the whole package: extremely smooth feel, more tip than any other Cactus, an extremely prominent first swing for headers. Luke McClanahan won the #11 WSTR Finale and said "The only four steers I’ve roped with this rope. I pulled it out of the bag, put a little stretch on it, and went on."

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

With the added benefit of the CoreTX™, this rope is the new pinnacle in the team roping industry. The best simply got better. More durability, longer lasting, and the perfect balance of weight and size. Trevor Brazile expects perfection out of every product. This does not disappoint.

  • Manufacturer: Cactus Ropes

This bright blue rope is sure to change the game of roping. We used new manufacturing technology combined with a year of input from 25x World Champion, Trevor Brazile to create "The Future." The unique weight distribution creates perfect balance throughout the rope and an extremely identifiable tip. The friendlier shelf life is just an added bonus

  • Manufacturer: Lone Star Feeds

The Lone Star Fever Head Rope is a uniquely engineered 5-strand head rope with a nylon/poly blend, featuring a multi-directional, double-twisted core, to allow the center core to counterbalance the rope as a whole. This, combined with the small diameter with an unusual amount of weight, provides our ropers with a unique 5-strand head rope quality. The Lone Star Fever Head Rope is also a heat-resistant rope, providing our ropers with a consistent feel in all elements.

  • Manufacturer: Lone Star Feeds

The Frio head rope is our new four-strand nylon-poly blend with our counterbalanced core. Fluorescent green and easy to spot day or night, The Frio boasts an even weight and smoothness that makes it adaptable to all weather conditions.

  • Manufacturer: Lone Star Feeds

The Lone Star Helix Rope is uniquely engineered, and features a multi-directional, double-twisted core, to allow the center core to counterbalance the rope as a whole. This, combined with our evenly tensioned and precise core shell strands, allows our ropers an industry-first choice of weight and size in the same feel and constructed rope. This rope has a smooth body and a fast feel.

  • Manufacturer: Classic Ropes
  • The NV4 rope is crafted by blending two high-quality nylon types for greater stability, longer lifespan, and improved balance.
  • The fibers are reinforced with high-tensile poly to enhance action and speed.
  • The CoreTech™ core of the rope delivers excellent loop stability and tip weight.
  • The NV4 has a smaller outer diameter, which makes it faster and easier to control.
  • It has a snappy and responsive feel that provides ropers with greater confidence and visible catches.

  • Manufacturer: Classic Ropes
  • The Spydr5 is a rope that represents the next generation of CoreTech™ technology.
  • It has a unique feel, thanks to its innovative design.
  • The rope features a compact design, with more material packed into a smaller diameter.
  • It consists of five strands of twisted nylon ingeniously engineered around an oversized core.
  • This design provides the perfect balance of snap and tip weight.
  • The Spydr5 is the ultimate tool for trapping prey, thanks to its superior design and balance.

  • Manufacturer: Classic Ropes
  • The Powerline4 Lite rope combines four-strand construction with the feel and handle of the original MoneyMaker®
  • The rope consists of four strands of twisted nylon and polyester filament wrapped around a CoreTech nylon core .
  • The construction enhances the rope's body and widens the loop, providing more accuracy and control during throws
  • The rope's smooth surface allows for faster feeds.

  • Manufacturer: Classic Ropes
  • This four-strand rope includes poly fiber for enhanced tip size and sensitivity.
  • It also contains two types of nylon fiber, each with a specific function
  • The first nylon fiber provides additional body and twist, allowing for a more open loop and quicker closure.
  • The second nylon fiber adds forgiveness and consistency to ensure optimal balance.
  • The Triton rope is exceptionally durable and high-performing. It is a valuable asset for any roper looking to gain a winning edge.

This 100% Nylon rope delivers tons of body and tip in a small diameter rope. The Bomb is great for hot weather and extrememly durable.

A light-weight rope with a very tight and responsive feel. A favorite of team member Bobby Harris.

  • Manufacturer: Equibrand Corp
  • Model Number: HEAT330

The Heat is the next generation four strand technology from Classic® Rope. Made from a blend of custom fibers and intricate twists, The Heat has set a new standard in rope feel and performance. Designed for today's aggressive roping styles, The Heat provides a loop that is packed with body. Even in forced situations, the tip remains ahead of the swing for a more controlled and confident delivery. Lightweight and built for performance, The Heat is built to take punishment. Run after run, it maintains its original, snappy feel.